Return On Investment

Spirit of Women® partners with hospitals to create, track and measure advances in both qualitative and quantitative return on investment.  In addition to improving the health of women and their families in your community, Spirit of Women provides your hospital with proven and measurable financial gains by driving increases in targeted service line volume and revenue. Consumer activity is tracked and managed as a component of the Spirit of Women strategic business plan.  Most often, our hospitals measure direct volumes, revenues and margins derived from business directly attributed to the Spirit of Women strategy.

Case Study 1

In a very conservative approach adjusting for charity care, contractual adjustments, market share, program expenses and incremental costs of care, this Spirit of Women hospital generates in excess of $85,000 in net revenue per month as a direct result of its Spirit of Women programming.


400-bed rural, not-for-profit hospital in Ohio; member since 2006

Spirit of Women Strategic Business Objectives:

  • Promote Hospital as the provider of choice in the region
  • Increase service line volumes with a focus on Cardiovascular, Oncology, Orthopedics and Women’s Services.
  • Increase physician involvement through community wellness initiatives

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Case Study 2

In an extremely competitive market, this Spirit of Women hospital successfully engaged new consumers and substantially increased overall utilization amongst its existing patient population.


495-bed suburban, faith-based, not-for-profit hospital in Missouri; member since 2008

Spirit of Women Strategic Business Objectives:

  • Establish Hospital as area’s premier health resource for women under 65.
  • Implement women’s diagnostic services strategy to increase utilization, grow revenue.
  • Differentiate Hospital through Spirit of Women to engage physicians, drive referrals.
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Case Study 3

In its first year, this Spirit of Women hospital successfully recruited thousands of new consumers and generated impressive incremental contribution margins and returns on investment from both new and existing patients.


Multi-campus, urban, for-profit hospital system in Virginia; member since 2010

Spirit of Women Strategic Business Objectives:

  • Drive consumer engagement and volume by branding Spirit of Women
  • Integrate women’s affinity program to include all major services
  • Grow OB volume
  • Drive physician engagement

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