Spirit of Women Sample Hospital
Year One Pro Forma Income Statement
Expected incremental revenues and associated expenses
for the implementation of Spirit of Women programming (exclusive of HeartCaring business extension)
Spirit of Women Consumers 950  
Incremental Revenue    
Increased utilization from existing clients $3,230,000  
New revenue from new clients $570,000  
Non-Spirit Consumers    
Increased utilization from existing clients $4,263,600  
New client revenue $752,400 ___________
Total Gross Charges   $8,816,000
Adjustment for Market Share in New Client Revenue $(661,200)  
Adjustment for Loyalty in Existing Client Revenue $(5,620,200) ___________
Adjusted Gross Charges   $2,534,600
Adjustment for Net Charges $(760,380) ___________
Total Incremental Net Revenue   $1,774,220
Program Related Expenses    
Annual Membership Fees $(69,500)  
Staffing $(42,500)  
Incremental Program Expenses (print, mail, event) $(30,000) ___________
Total Program Related Expenses   $(142,000)
Net Profit Before Cost Savings   $1,632,220
Cost Savings   $230,000
Total Net Profit   $1,862,220
* Conservative case based upon an average of actual reported statistics from Spirit of Women hospitals. Contact us for further details.