Value Proposition

Value Prop Value PropositionSpirit of Women® is an innovative, comprehensive and market-ready program that boosts service line volumes, physician engagement and patient loyalty by focusing on women as the primary healthcare consumer and decision maker. Spirit of Women provides your hospital with an integrated and consistent umbrella business development strategy focusing on promoting health to women rather than simply promoting women’s health. 

You will align with the nation’s only network of hospitals dedicated exclusively to harnessing the power of women healthcare consumers and decision makers, while having exclusive access to a unique and proven strategy to build your healthcare business while remaining true to your primary healing mission – improving the health and well being of your entire community.

The Spirit of Women utilizes a highly customized approach to assess your hospital growth and stability objectives and delivers a comprehensive and powerful strategy supported by fully-developed and easy-to-implement tools and tactics.

Speak to a representative about implementing the Spirit of Women Strategy at your hospital.