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It Is the Best of Times

I’ve been invited to speak tomorrow live on the 8am Orlando, Florida WESH-TV morning news. This is the third media request in less than a month, and it shows just how TOP OF MIND healthcare change remains. I am honored to share the perspectives of more than 150 Spirit of Women Health Group hospital executives on the status of the business of healthcare.

Contrary to the doom and gloom of media coverage, it IS the best of times in healthcare. Those of us working in this industry realize it is a period of rapid and monumental changes.

As healthcare planners, we need to find programs, strategies, and messaging models that transform thinking about healthcare. Once a series of tests, procedures, therapies, and medicines to be paid for by insurance or out-of-pockets, we now think about healthcare as a POSITIVE CONSUMER EXPERIENCE that can be measured by decreased risk factors and increased well-being.

It is the best time to join a community like Spirit Health Group to EXPERIENCE this shift in thinking and practice. EXPERIENCE vision and value, innovation and success in the practice healthcare and in your own life and career.

I’d like to take this moment and personally invite you to EXPERIENCE this shift with me at two of our upcoming Spirit Health Group Events:

I would also love to learn from your perspective on these “best of times” in healthcare. As always, feel free to respond to me directly or email me at

P.S. If you would like to view a copy of tomorrow’s interview on WESH-TV, please let my team know, and we will email you a live link. Thank you for your interest.

In the Spirit of Good Health and Positive Experiences,

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