Physician Engagement

A healthy and sustained relationship between a hospital and its physician community is vital to both clinical and business success. The Spirit of Women® strategy specifically includes physicians and providers as a key component of outreach to women.

This synergistic relationship between hospital, physician and consumer provides women with better healthcare information and confidence in a trusted team of experts. The benefit is mutual – physicians build their practices and hospitals grow their service lines

Spirit of Women helps bridge the gap between physicians, hospitals and consumers – with an emphasis on establishing better referral channels, planned physician-to-consumer engagement and partnered community outreach intended to build appropriate physician practice volumes and downstream hospital service volumes.Spirit of Women Physician Network1 300x178 Physician Engagement

As a Spirit of Women hospital, you have multiple options for increasing physician engagement, including a formalized program, the Spirit Physician Network (SPN). Through SPN, physicians commit to participating in women’s health education and outreach in the community as well as through their practices.

They also commit to advancing Spirit’s National Standards of Excellence in Women’s Health. In exchange, physicians are accorded broad promotional exposure at local and regional levels, in addition to recognition as gender-sensitive healthcare providers. Supporting literature is provided for use in their offices as well as community events.

Participating physicians recognize Spirit of Women as a catalyst for increasing diagnostic and procedural referrals and for promoting products and services that focus on women, the key consumers and healthcare decision-makers in US households.

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