Competitive Advantage

Making a strategic choice to providecompetitive advantage Competitive Advantage patients with the best experience is how to create competitive advantage in today’s marketplace. With the wealth of information available about hospitals, and health plans offering greater choice, current and potential patients are making choices based on perceived value.

The Spirit of Women® strategy, available exclusively to one hospital per competitive market, provides your hospital with the ability to easily and markedly differentiate your position — and help the primary healthcare decision makers, women, choose you.

At the core of Spirit programming is a set of National Standards of Excellence in Women’s Health to help you focus on:

  • Integration of a Focused Community Assessment
  • Implementation of Comprehensive Life Stage Programming
  • Sensitivity to Community Diversity and Cultural Differences
  • Strategic Alignment of Women’s Service Lines
  • Leading Innovation and Outreach Initiatives
  • Managing a Process for Quality Improvement
  • Multidisciplinary Approach to Care

The Spirit of Women team of experts will guide you through these seven key Standards to define and optimize a fully integrated women’s health program and position your hospital as the premier provider of women’s services in your region. Achieving these National Standards for Excellence in Women’s Health is a powerful statement to your community and a marketable third-party accolade your competitors can never claim.

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