health u tainment art1 Health u tainment<sup>®</sup>

Women are the key to your hospital’s success. They make their own healthcare decisions and influence countless others. But health and healthcare (particularly for themselves) are usually far down on the list of daily priorities.

healthutainment pull caption Health u tainment<sup>®</sup>With so many competing priorities and the inundation of messaging from television, the internet, print media, text messages, social media and the like – it is critical for your hospital to effectively reach women where they are. Simply relying on traditional media, messaging, and asking a woman to come to you for information won’t work.

And more importantly, with a limited amount of down time, women don’t want to hear a lecture – they want to be entertained! Spirit of Women employs what we’ve coined “health-u-tainment” in everything we do – placing ‘u’ between health and entertainment.

heart Health u tainment<sup>®</sup>

Or even more simply put – balancing serious information with a seriously good time.

We guarantee that your Spirit of Women strategy won’t blend into the background and won’t easily be forgotten.