Custom Publishing

Spirit of Women Provides Customized Health Care Publications

Based on the depth of our women’s health marketing expertise and experience, the Custom Communications Division of Spirit of Women occupies a unique position as a health care communications resource. Our team takes care of everything for your hospital, from content, to design, to printing.

Professional Women’s Health Publications and Communication Packages

Customer service, creativity and years of experience in women’s marketing and education: These are just a few of the advantages of entrusting Spirit with your hospital’s publication needs. We offer content, creative, and fulfillment services for print, online, and social networking. Hospitals can choose from one of our packages or opt for flexibility based on its goals and budget.


What Our Clients Say About Spirit Magazine, One of Our Most Popular Custom Publications: 


“The magazine is a hit with just about everyone who received it in the mail.   We mailed it to more than 19-thousand homes in the tri-state area of West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky.  We’ve actually had several women call us and ask why they didn’t get the magazine because they’ve heard their friends talking about it.  The magazine helped us create an identity for the launch of our program and we signed up 1200+ members in the first three weeks of the kick-off.”

~Director Of Marketing and Community Relations, St. Mary’s Medical Center

“I can’t tell you how many people tell me how much they love Spirit Magazine!  Both patients and non patients have raved about the informative, fun nature of the magazine and its content.  It’s helped us educate the community on the programs and services while bringing them other information we normally wouldn’t include in our communications.  Personally I love the staff – as they make producing the magazine a simple pleasure.”

~Marketing Manager, Western Connecticut Health Network