Our Partners

With our partnerships, Spirit of Women® is improving healthcare for women and their families in the United States. Since 1997, we have worked collaboratively with numerous governmental health agencies and advocacy organizations.

HC.color .band .logo  e1337288529795 Our PartnersHeartCaring® is a national designation for U.S. hospitals and clinicians to signify excellence in gender-sensitive cardiovascular care. The model incorporates a comprehensive strategy designed to reach three core audiences: Hospitals, clinicians and consumers.

lkcf logo e1337289087699 Our PartnersThe mission of the Larry King Cardiac Foundation is to provide funding for life-saving cardiac procedures for individuals who, due to limited means and no insurance, would be otherwise unable to receive life saving treatment.

TheHeartTruth e1337271203818 Our PartnersThe Heart Truth® is a campaign sponsored by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) and partner organizations. The campaign’s goal is to give women a personal and urgent wakeup call about their risk of heart disease.

nhlbi Our PartnersThe National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) provides global leadership for a research, training, and education program to promote the prevention and treatment of heart, lung, and blood diseases and enhance the health of all individuals so that they can live longer and more fulfilling lives.

PADcoalition e1337271495245 Our Partners
The Peripheral Arterial Disease (P.A.D.) Coalition is an alliance of leading health organizations, vascular health professional societies, and government agencies that have united to raise public and health professional awareness about lower extremity P.A.D.

thisisseriouscampaign logo e1337271587980 Our PartnersThis is Serious is the campaign developed by the Vascular Disease Foundation and Spirit of Women™, in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to drive awareness and action around the prevention of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), or blood clots, in women.

cdc logo e1337271672332 Our Partners
Spirit of Women™ collaborates with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on various women’s health campaigns. Together, we create expertise, information, and tools that women and their families need to protect their health.

NationalWomensHealthWeek e1337271772431 Our PartnersNational Women’s Health Week is a weeklong health observance coordinated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office on Women’s Health. It brings together communities, businesses, government, health organizations, and other groups in an effort to promote women’s health.

Nationalstrokeassoclogo Our Partners
Spirit of Women™ partners with National Stroke Association to help it fulfill its mission to reduce the incidence and impact of stroke by developing compelling education and programs focused on prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and support for all impacted by stroke.

Dept of Health and Human Svcs Logo e1337272032136 Our Partners
The Department of Health and Human Services is the United States government’s principal agency for protecting the health of all Americans and providing essential human services, especially for those who are least able to help themselves.

vasculardiseasefoundation e1337272286410 Our Partners
The Vascular Disease Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on vascular diseases with the sole purpose of providing public education and improving awareness about vascular diseases.

American College of Cardiology e1337272416401 Our Partners
The American College of Cardiology (ACC) is a non-profit medical society dedicated to enhancing the lives of cardiovascular patients through continuous quality improvement, patient-centered care, payment innovation and professionalism. Spirit of Women™, HeartCaring® and ACC are united in helping women improve their heart health.

Healthy People 2020 e1337272680590 Our PartnersHealthy People 2020 provides science-based, 10-year national objectives for improving the health of all Americans. Spirit of Women™ is devoted to helping Healthy People 2020 fulfill its vision: A society in which all people live long, healthy lives.

FDS Office of Womens Health e1337272466962 Our PartnersThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a mission of promoting and protecting the public health. Spirit of Women™ and FDA’s Office of Women’s Health work together to educate women on health risks.

American Diabetes Association e1337283763695 Our PartnersThe American Diabetes Association works to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes.

Text4baby e1337285651147 Our Partners
Text4baby is a free health text messaging service that helps more pregnant women and new moms get information about caring for their health and giving their babies the best possible start in life.

venous disease coalition e1337285963467 Our PartnersThe Venous Disease Coalition (VDC) is a collaborative network of professional and public organizations united by one mission to increase public and health professional awareness of venous disease. Its mission is to promote efforts to improve the survival rates and quality of life for individuals with, or at risk for, venous disease.

womenheart e1337286473824 Our PartnersWomenHeart: The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease is a leading voice for the 42 million American women living with or at risk of heart disease. WomenHeart advocates for equal access to quality care and provides information and resources to help women take charge of their heart health.