About Us

Spirit of Women® is a women’s health marketing company with a patient acquisition and relationship strategy to help hospitals and health systems build business across all service lines by targeting women — the primary demographic for consumption of healthcare services and control of healthcare spending.

We provide a fully developed educational, outreach and business development platform with comprehensive implementation and management support, to compliment, not compete with your current health marketing efforts. What you receive.

Spirit strategy activates women to engage with you through experiences, events and health communications that combine education and entertainment. These encounters are captured to quantify your return on investment. How it Works

With Spirit of Women your hospital will:

aboutus uparrow About Us Grow Service Line Volumes and Patient Utilization
aboutus bargraph About Us Increase Patient Acquisition and Retention
aboutus moneysign About Us Achieve Measurable Financial Gains
aboutus piechart About Us Gain Competitive Advantage
aboutus doctor About Us Enhance Physician Engagement

Learn how you can achieve measurable gains by focusing on women.

The Spirit of Women® strategy is offered exclusively to one hospital per competitive market which creates a noncompeting network that offers a synergy of ideas and shared practices that help you reach your strategic business and organizational goals. Spirit of Women Hospital Network